Dinner Menu (Tues-Sat 5pm-9:30pm) updated: 4.21.2017

Cheddar-Bacon Fat Biscuits

honey mustard butter



hand cut fries, mushroom gravy, cheddar cheese curds


Baby Octopus Salad

pickled corn,  zephyr squash, tomato, radish, pea tendril, “fried chicken mayo”, espellette


Chips & Dip

house smoked whitefish, potato chips


Bean Salad

cauliflower, cucumber, radish, tomato, almond, ricotta, yogurt vinaigrette


Italian Sausage Pizza

house made italian sausage, peperonata, marinara, almond pesto, mozzarella, arugula, pecorino


Veggie Pizza

zephyr, cauliflower, tomato, maitake mushrooms, garlic puree, mozzarella, black garlic aioli


Duck Lovers Pizza

duck ham, sausage & confit, garlic puree, jack cheese, duck egg, balsamic, pea tendrils


Fried Chicken Thighs

joyce farms chicken, broccoli-bacon salad, sour cherry, shaved pecorino toscano, hazelnut


Lil’ Of Everything Salad

local mixed greens, roasted red pepper, tomato, radish, beet, carrot, cauliflower, smoked blue cheese, red wine vinaigrette

$7 / $12

Smiling Bison Burger

1/3 lb ground natural bison, garlic aioli, mozzarella, mushroom ketchup, house bacon, texas toast

add lake meadow farm egg……..$1

served w/ choice of salt & pepper fries or watermelon basil salad


Chicken Fried Pork Sandwich

crispy fried pork loin, cucumber kimchi, black garlic aioli, micro radish, kaiser roll

served w/ choice of salt & pepper fries or watermelon basil salad


St. Augustine Clams

fideo negra, ramp greens, guanciale, cotija, tomato


Pastrami Steak

8 oz house eye round pastrami, german potato salad


Pork Cheeks

spring vegetable succotash, fermented red cabbage puree


Golden Tile Fish

black barley salad, ramp vinaigrette, crispy pork cracklings


10 oz Bison N.Y. Strip

great range colorado bison, steak fries, porcini-smoked blue cheese butter, garlic aioli



Lineage 431˚ Bread Pudding

lemon anglaise, coconibs

Buttermilk Pie

pickled cherries, earl grey chantilly


peruvian raw sugar cookie, pickled peaches, stone fruit gel

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